10 years thyssenkrupp Management Consulting: How a small start-up turned into one of the most successful German inhouse consultancies!

In 2009, thyssenkrupp Management Consulting GmbH (TKMC) was founded by our alumni Premal Desai, Dr. Stefan Schmitt and Patrick Buchman. What started then with 5 employees and a focus on benchmarking projects in the Ruhr area is now around 75 employees with well over 300 completed projects worldwide.

Projects all over the world

Today, we focus on Performance, Strategy & Markets, Transformation & Execution and Digitalization. With this project portfolio, Management Consulting targets the executives of the individual business areas, Group function heads and regional CEOs of the entire thyssenkrupp organization. And not just in Essen and the Ruhr region but throughout Europe and the world.

As a management consulting, our goal is to work with our customers to help thyssenkrupp move forward. Our projects in all thyssenkrupp business units are therefore geared to the current issues and challenges facing the company as a whole.

A company in transition

We play a key role in thyssenkrupp's future strategic steps and create sustainable solutions to position the company for the challenges of the future. This gives the TKMC team the opportunity to experience and shape one of the biggest changes within one of the most traditional German industrial and technology companies. Our solution approaches to strategic and operational issues in all areas of the company will range from the store floor level to the corporate level.

10 years TKMC - Our alumni and colleagues report

Find out here how thyssenkrupp Management Consulting has developed, what stumbling blocks there were and how we are shaping the future of tomorrow today:

Human Resources
Market Intelligence Team
Operations Team