Our role within the company: Transformation & Portfolio Development

TKMC is where the strategic reorientation of the thyssenkrupp Group is developed, defined and implemented. With around 75 employees, internal management consulting accounts for the largest share of the thyssenkrupp Group's corporate function Transformation & Portfolio Development (TPD).


Employees of the corporate function Transformation & Portfolio Development (TPD)

With a direct reporting line to the CEO Martina Merz, the main tasks of the TPD function are to develop comprehensive market and competitor analyses, prepare regional and business strategies, and execute portfolio optimizations as well as growth programs.

The focus is on transforming thyssenkrupp into a high-performance "Group of Companies" which profits from global megatrends and offers solutions to the issues and challenges of the 21st century.

The TPD unit sees itself as a thought leader and pioneer in implementation and regularly analyzes the status quo of thyssenkrupp as a whole.

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