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Alexander Nikles
Alexander Nikles, Senior Consultant

What do you appreciate most about the TKMC team?

“Above all I personally appreciate the fact that all my colleagues are on a similar “wavelength”. I found it incredibly easy to settle into the TKMC team. This also helps during more intensive project phases as I believe a good personal relationship between consultants helps master such phases more effectively.”

Why did you decide to join TKMC?

“For me TKMC was the perfect combination of consulting and Group career. Everyone learns a great deal about the Group as a whole, the various business areas and their business models. TKMC also offers ambitious graduates unique training opportunities. Finally you can establish an extensive network in a very short time which makes any subsequent moves within the Group much easier.”

What tip would you give applicants when it comes to preparing for our recruiting day?

“Applicants should definitely become familiar with thyssenkrupp as a company, its challenges and the business models of the various business areas. In addition I strongly advise everyone to prepare classical “consulting cases”. This will provide them with a certain routine when it comes to the recruiting day.”

Essen or Düsseldorf?

“Neither – after a brief period in Düsseldorf I have now moved back to a small town in the Lower Rhine region.”

What did you do before joining TKMC?

“I studied business administration in Cologne, Sao Paulo and Lisbon and completed several internships at different companies. I hadn’t done a conventional consulting internship before joining TKMC. Nevertheless, the internships enabled me to gain insights into the strategy departments of these companies, which ultimately led to my decision to apply to TKMC.”

Mountains or sea?

“As I lived in the foothills of the Alps for several years I could manage without the sea more easily than the mountains. After all, you can’t ski on the sea in winter...”

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