Claas Pannenborg, Senior Consultant

What was your best project so far and why?

"My best project so far was in the cement plant engineering business in Beckum: We had exciting tasks, a great team and as a consultant, I was able to take on many topics independently. Plant engineering is a good example of the interesting but also challenging business in the thyssenkrupp Group. The projects typically have large order volumes, are complex in execution and very international. Over time, I have become increasingly familiar with this business, of which I previously had only a rough idea. I also learned many of the typical consultant skills during the six months on the project, which was mainly due to our super TKMC team and the good cooperation with the colleagues on site."

What differentiates TKMC from other consultancies?

"For me, TKMC as an internal consultancy differs firstly in the way we interact with our clients, who are also our colleagues. We can rely on very trusting relationships with our clients, because ultimately we are all working towards a common goal. This makes it much easier in our daily work as consultants.

Secondly, the thyssenkrupp Group has a certain industry focus, but within that focus, it is very diverse and international. TKMC carries out projects worldwide in all Business Areas, so we can gain varied experience from steel production, to the automotive business, to plant construction. For example, in my first two years, I had the chance to work in four different business areas and in projects at plant level up to corporate strategy."

What are your hints for peparing for the interviews?

"The interviews are structured very typically for a consultancy, so as an applicant you can prepare yourself relatively well for them. For the personal fit part, I would recommend being able to explain exactly why you want to join TKMC. Not only to convince the interviewer, but also to understand your own motivation. In the case study part, my tip is relatively simple: Practice makes perfect. I practiced a lot with fellow students during the preparation, and that helped me a lot."

The mountains or the sea?

"I like to go snowboarding in the mountains in winter, but since I grew up at the North Sea, I take the sea for sure."

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