Lydia Sandhowe, Consultant

What differentiates TKMC from other consultancies?

"The small size of the team creates a real sense of unity."

Why do you decide upon TKMC?

"TKMC offers me the opportunity to combine the advantages of consulting , e.g. the dynamic & diverse work environment as well as the steep learning curve and the direct connection to a company.

The generalistic approach of TKMC gives me the opportunity to get to know the diversity of the diversified industrial group from different perspectives on the one hand and to gain experiences in different functional areas on the other hand. Furthermore, the collegial working atmosphere and the team spirit, which was already noticeable during the recruiting process, convinced me. All these components give me the feeling that I can develop personally as well as professionally in this working environment. "

Essen or Düsseldorf?


How the perfect weekend looks like?

"The best weekends are those where there is not so much planned and I have time for my family, friends and doing sports."

What did you do before TKMC?

"Prior to TKMC, I completed my master's degree at the University of Münster and gained experiences in external consulting during this time. Before that, I worked as a manager of an operational unit in the retail sector and gained experiences in sales and purchasing."

The mountains or the sea?

"I like both, but if I have to choose, then the sea."

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