Our consultants


Muhammed Öztürk, Consultant

What do you like most in the TKMC-Team?

"Ambitious, open to new ideas, down to earth and a good sense of humour - these are the qualities that distinguish the TKMC team. TKMC manages to create a familiar working atmosphere. This makes it much easier for me to get started and helps to keep the atmosphere high even in intensive project phases."

What does TKMC offer regarding professional as well as personal development?

"The professional and personal development of each team member is a priority at TKMC. The diverse projects offer a steep learning curve and expand the consultant skill set from project to project. In addition to "learning on the job", great importance is attached to individual development in training courses. And those who have planned to return to university in their career planning can participate in the Educational Leave Program."

Why do you decide upon TKMC?

"After studying industrial engineering, I was looking for an exciting, varied job with a steep learning curve in an industrial environment. So I quickly came across TKMC. During the interviews I was allowed to get to know my current colleagues and quickly had the feeling of being on the same wavelength. This was decisive for my start at TKMC."

What are your hints for peparing for the interviews?

"My pieces of advice: Take a look at the business areas of thyssenkrupp AG and their current challenges. Prepare well for case studies and practice with your fellow students. In addition, use the interviews as an opportunity to get to know each other. Use the opportunity to get to know your potential colleagues, too, because after all, consulting is team work."

The mountains or the sea?

"Definitely sea! In summer I cool off on the beaches of this world and let my soul dangle."

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