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Désirée Modic
Désirée Modic, Senior Consultant

Which of your projects was the most interesting one – and why?

“One of the most interesting projects in terms of content was in our large-scale plant engineering unit. Here we evaluated the consequences of various future trends such as e-mobility on important products and business models and developed a suitable strategy for the future. Playing such a major role in shaping the future of this unit really fascinated me.”

What do you appreciate most about the TKMC team?

“What I appreciate most about the TKMC team is the combination of a very positive and, due to its size, almost "family" atmosphere and, at the same time, a very professional and constructive way of working and collaborating.”

Why would you recommend graduates to join TKMC?

“At TKMC you have the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the transformation of a large, highly diversified and international industrial group, work on groundbreaking topics and collaborate with a team of outstanding colleagues.”

What tip would you give applicants when it comes to preparing for our recruiting day?

"In preparation, everyone should be able to deal with common problems of consulting. It doesn't do any harm to practice mental arithmetic beforehand. In addition, it is important to be familiar with the thyssenkrupp Group in general, which stands behind TKMC."

Essen or Düsseldorf?

“Düsseldorf: Even though Essen also has some great areas, there’s nothing better than spending summer weekends with friends having a cold drink down by the Rhine or gathering inspiration and trying the many international specialties from the market stalls on Carlsplatz!“

Mountains or sea?

“Definitely the mountains!”

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