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„Drive“: Optimization of production in the automotive supplier industry

Constant cost optimization is part of the day-to-day business in the automotive industry. This applies even more to automotive suppliers – and therefore also to thyssenkrupp. As a manufacturer of technologically sophisticated product groups like, for example, electrical steering systems, damper systems, camshafts and crankshafts, cost optimization is an important key for success.

The automotive sector of thyssenkrupp assigned TKMC, together with an external specialized lean production consultancy, to support the optimization of the about 80 worldwide production sites. Besides project management and supporting the screening of the particular sites, we significantly supported the development of a KPI system to ensure effective monitoring of the plants across the whole Business Area – beginning at shop floor level up to the key figures for the board of the Business Area.

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Our approach: The combination of conception and implementation

The KPI system was developed by collaboration of our team together with the responsible of the Business Area, the Chief Operating Officers (COOs) of the Business Units and partially directly with the plant managers. Thereby, we quickly realized that simply developing a new concept will not significantly push the business forward. So, we decided to simultaneously initiate the implementation of the KPI system in order for the operating units to connect their existing systems.

This approach provided a steep learning curve for our consultants: besides the development of the concept they also had to quickly learn about the existing KPI systems as well as the controlling logics. At the same time the team developed a universally usable dashboard in collaboration with the IT department.

Our impact: A perspective from shop floor up to Business Area-wide controlling

Only a feasible and compelling KPI system finds acceptance by operating units and is relevant for the daily business. So, it was crucial to consider both perspectives – Business Area and operating units. Besides the actual take-up and analysis of existing key figures especially the numerous “challenge” workshops with the responsible COOs were a true key to success.

Our learning: Diversity of production

By preparing for and taking part in screening and best practice workshops e.g. in Brazil, Italy and Eastern Europe, our consultants got to know many plants and manufacturing processes. This manufacturing know-how as well as the built-up network led to a better understanding of the Business Area Components Technology – and therefore provide important insights for other TKMC projects.

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