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Helen Dietrich
Helen Dietrich, Senior Consultant

Why did you decide to join TKMC?

“The decisive factor in joining TKMC was ultimately the opportunities they offered to improve my project management skills, work on projects in an international environment and get to know the Group even better.”

What did you do before TKMC?

“I was already part of the thyssenkrupp Group before I moved to TKMC. In the Materials Germany operating unit of the Material Services business area I worked with my colleagues to optimize logistics and delivery process performance and supported company restructuring projects.”

What do you appreciate most about working at TKMC and for thyssenkrupp?

“TKMC gives me the opportunity to get to know the Group from different perspectives. That kind of opportunity can’t be found anywhere else in the Group.”

What opportunities for professional and personal development do you have at TKMC?

“In addition to various planned training programs I can attend further seminars to for my development. Regular feedback and development meetings help with personal reflection and performance improvement.”

Essen or Düsseldorf?

“Team Essen! Commuting between the Rhine and Ruhr regions robs me of valuable time for living during the week.”

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