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Robert Kokott
Robert Kokott, Consultant

What’s the difference between TKMC and other consultancies?

"Between TKMC and other consultancies I see big differences in the family working atmosphere and in the way we work together with our customers.

Since we are a comparatively small team, everyone knows everyone within TKMC. You work in an extremely pleasant working environment and help each other whenever possible - I have never experienced elbows extended with us before.

When working on projects with our customers, within thyssenkrupp's various business areas, you also often find that the trust and helpfulness shown are greater than you are used to with external consulting. After all, we are all employees of the same group and pursue the same goals. "

What do you appreciate most about working at TKMC and for thyssenkrupp?

"thyssenkrupp is a unique group that can look back to over 200 years of history and at the moment finds itself precisely in the change from the past to modernity. That's why here is a lot going on. For us as consultants at TKMC, this means many interesting projects, exceptional creative freedom and, if desired at some point in the future, a large number of attractive options for switching to a position in the Group."

What tip would you give applicants when it comes to preparing for our recruiting day?

Our recruiting day has a very similar structure to other consultancies. Therefore, you should definitely practice solving case studies and calculating without a calculator. You should also be aware of why you want to work in an in-house consulting firm and why you want to work for thyssenkrupp.

It is also often forgotten that the recruiting day is intended to get to know each other. Take advantage of this and ask questions! Especially in the breaks you have the opportunity to talk to different TKMC consultants and find out exactly what you are interested in TKMC and the daily work of our consultants."

Essen or Düsseldorf?

"When I started at TKMC, I didn't know the surrounding area and the Ruhr area at all. That's why I first decided in favour of Essen because of its proximity to thyssenkrupp. So far I have not regretted this decision. The south of Essen is more beautiful and greener than I expected. Especially Rüttenscheid as a city district offers many possibilities to go out. Nevertheless, life here in Essen is probably a little quieter and more tranquil than in Düsseldorf."

What did you do before joining TKMC?

"I started working at TKMC immediately after finishing my studies. During my studies in industrial engineering, I completed internships with a medium-sized plant engineering company in the USA, an OEM and two management consultancies and spent a year abroad in the USA."

Mountains or sea?

"That depends very much on the season. In winter I prefer to spend my free time on the ski slope in a sporty way. In summer I like to go to the beaches of this world."

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