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Your benefits

On-the-job training, short sabbaticals, mentor support for your next career steps, strategy conventions to build your network: TKMC offers attractive benefits beyond top-level consulting experience and career prospects in a diversified international technology group.

Mentoring @TKMC

You&us @ TKMC - our intern program

If you impress us with your performance on an internship, we’ll invite you to join our intern retention program. That means we keep in regular touch with you, support your next career move, and invite you to various TKMC events. And when you complete your master’s degree, we’ll fast-track your entry into a career with TKMC.

Lynn Schnittke

“What I loved about my internship was the combination of building my consulting skills and getting to know an international group. As part of a motivated team, I was given responsibility from an early stage, allowing me to further develop my personal and professional skills.”

Lynn Schnittke, WHU Vallendar

Christian Bell

“My internship at TKMC was very exciting and varied. From day one I was part of an inspiring project team and acquired knowledge among other things in data mining: at the same time I gained exposure to a multinational group.”

Christian Bell, LMU München

Buddy Program

In the first few days with a new employer, everything’s new. Alongside our operations and Human Resources team, a personal buddy from the consulting team is assigned to every new employee to help with questions outside daily work.

Career Development Advisor (CDA)

When it comes to your career, it’s helpful to have an experienced and well connected colleague on your side. Your Career Development Advisor (CDA) is there to answer any questions you have about consulting, your feedback, further training, and subsequent career steps.

Personal development @TKMC

Training landscape

Learning on the job and working directly with colleagues on the project teaches you a lot. But for TKMC it goes without saying that we also provide you with the necessary expertise and tools to develop your skills. As consultants we rely on having excellent methodological skills available at all times – that’s why the ongoing training of our team is a key success factor for our work.

At TKMC, tailored skill upgrading, coaching, and further training programs according to your career level help you develop your professional and methodological skills and build your lead-ership competences. Every employee spends up to 10 days a year training.

You also have the advantage that we’re part of the Strategy, Markets & Development function, so you can attend SMD campus training sessions whenever you like. The various training and workshop formats offered throughout the thyssenkrupp Group are also available to you.

12-24-month leave for an MBA or doctorate

Back to university? We offer you the chance to take 12-24 months off work to improve your academic credentials with a doctorate or MBA at a university or business school of your choice. TKMC also provides financial support and a platform for keeping in touch with thyssenkrupp.

Take a breathe – sabbatical leave

At TKMC, like anywhere else, all-nighters are sometimes inevitable. People who work hard deserve some time out. After about a year as a TKMC consultant, you have the possibility to take four weeks’ unpaid leave on top of your regular 30 days’ paid leave. Travel to faraway countries, do some volunteer work, or just take time off to unwind – as long as you come back relaxed and refreshed, it’s fine by TKMC!

Julien Becker

"5 weeks South America: Bogotá, Salento, Medellín, Cartagena, Quito and Banõs. The perfect combination of history, culture, entertainment, relaxation, and people!”

Julien Becker, Senior Consultant

David Knobel

“It was one of the best decisions I ever made to take a four-week break at the start of 2018 and spend it in New Zealand – a fantastic time!

Breathtaking scenery, incredible walks, really nice, relaxed people: The perfect mix to unwind and start back on the next exciting project at TKMC with new motivation and energy.”

David Knobel, Senior Consultant

Culture @TKMC


With our one-week onboarding program we make sure that every new employee can get straight to work on a project without administrative or organizational stuff to sort out.

Transparency and feedback

TKMC lives an open and transparent culture. Alongside regular written performance feedback after each project, we also value honesty and openness in our daily interactions, e.g. through feedback updates after client meetings or weekly project debriefings.

But outside our project work too we want to grow as a company and a team. Regular anonymous surveys on personal development or our work-life balance, management team meetings and plenary sessions in which our consultants exchange views and discuss internal improvements help us challenge established practices and continuously improve as a company.

Team events

An annual offsite, our summer party for the whole family, monthly get-togethers and an alumni event, our Christmas year-end celebrations and lots of other activities strengthen our sense of togetherness at TKMC.

TKMC @thyssenkrupp

tk talents – the thyssenkrupp Group’s talent pool

Every year TKMC nominates outstanding colleagues for the Groupwide talent program "tk talents". Through regular networking, participants increase their visibility in the Group and expand their contacts.

Your network

In your wide-ranging projects at home and abroad you’ll automatically build your own global network. As well as having people you can contact for future projects and being able to share knowledge, this will also help when it comes to planning your next career steps.

You’ll also have access to the global strategy community of the entire thyssenkrupp Group. At our annual strategy convention, we get together to discuss strategy issues and listen to key-notes. But of course there’s also time to chat to colleagues from around the world.

General thyssenkrupp Group facilities

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the thyssenkrupp Group, TKMC enjoys all the benefits the Group has to offer. So our employees have access to a wide range of special offers, savings and discounts:

  • Wide-ranging sporting activities: beach volleyball, yoga, Pilates, boot camps, and lots of other activities!
  • Group kindergarten
  • Reduced membership fees for renowned fitness chains
  • Savings on fashion, lifestyle products, travel and cars
  • An excellent staff canteen with varied and nutritious menu options
  • Very good links to public transport services
  • Generous parking space on the thyssenkrupp campus in Essen

In addition to the Group’s sporting activities, at TKMC we also have our own sports programs. Some of us meet up regularly to play soccer, including the annual Consulting Cup in Düssel-dorf, as well as tennis or beach volleyball.

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