Katrin Hellelnthal, Senior-Consultant

Why did you decide to join TKMC?

During my studies, I was always enthusiastic about consulting, but on the other hand, I always wanted to experience the life of a big corporation - that's why TKMC offers the perfect mix for me.

What are the main differences between TKMC and other consultancies?

Compared to other consultancies, TKMC is a smaller, but more familiar group. Due to our size, we already know almost everyone after only a few weeks or have worked together with the majority of TKMC for some time. This makes the daily cooperation so pleasant, because we also do a lot together in our spare time and not only talk to each other in the project room. In addition, the cooperation with our customers is much more collegial than I know it from an external consultation - our customers from the different Business Areas see us primarily not as kind of “foreign advisors”, but primarily as colleagues.

What is your tip for applicants with regard to preparing for our recruiting day?

In our recruiting interviews, we try to get to know both the analytical thinking by case studies and the personality of the candidate. For this reason, all candidates should first get to grips with the company itself as well as the importance of in-house consulting. And practicing case studies are definitely a must.

Essen or Düsseldorf?

Team Essen, but to be fair I only have my second home in Essen and travel to Frankfurt am Main at the weekend.

What did you do before TKMC?

Before I started at TKMC, I completed my Master of Science in Management at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and worked as a student trainee in a consulting firm focusing on pricing and marketing.

Mountains or sea?

Since I originally come from the beautiful city of Hamburg, I have always been more of an ocean- than a mountain-person – whether the rough North Sea coast with its fresh breeze or the southern coasts that invite you to relax.

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