Development at TKMC and career perspectives in the Group

Our goal is to train each of our employees as generalists but also as thyssenkrupp specialists. It is important to us that our consultants get to know the full range of our strategic and operational topics while also experiencing the diversity of our Group in various units from board room to shopfloor level. The upcoming times at thyssenkrupp will also enable our team to support and shape one of the most far-reaching changes currently taking place in one of the biggest companies in Gemany.

In this way you can find out which business, which functions or which regions best suit you. With this experience and thyssenkrupp Management Consullting’s international network, you have a great foundation on which to build your career.

Working for an in-house consulting agency of an international group means all career options are open to you – whether you choose to continue in consulting or move to a different career in the Group.

Your career as a consultant at TKMC

The career of a consultant at TKMC comprises five levels, with a standard period of 24 months on each level up to principal, depending on performance.

It is important to us to support individual performance and personal development; for this reason the performance of each consultant at TKMC is assessed four times a year in career development meetings away from our regular project feedback meetings. This results in tailored development targets and progression timeframes without specified dates, allowing upgrades at any time of year.

Other key factors in the success of TKMC are the Operations, Talent Acquisition and Market Intelligence units. Bespoke training, development and mentoring are important to us in these areas too.

Your perspectives after leaving TKMC

Working on various consulting projects in our diverse business units, over the course of your time with TKMC you will acquire deep knowledge of the Group, develop key skills for your future career, and build an excellent international network within thyssenkrupp. In numerous projects you will have worked with different colleagues on a wide variety of challenges: strategy development for a region, performance improvement in the elevator sector, assessment of a digitization strategy at thyssenkrupp AG, and many more. This varied portfolio of tasks gives you an optimum starting position if you decide to switch to a line management career in the Group.

Over 40 alumni have already taken this step. Read here to discover more about their experiences and how they are driving the transformation of the thyssenkrupp Group.