Selection and recruiting process

Before starting with TKMC there is the selection process: this gives you and us the opportunity to find out whether we’re right for each other. Naturally we want to be sure you have the expertise, personality and skills we’re looking for.

Application form and deadline

Generally there is no set date for joining TKMC with a Masters degree. But for a smooth and stress-free selection process you should submit your application at least three months before you wish to start work. Your application should include a cover letter, an up-to-date résuméyour school-leaving certificate, and all further academic certificates and work references

The selection process at TKMC

The focus of the entire selection process for us is personal contact with you and intensive getting to know you. This may be through telephone preparation for the interviews or during an exchange with our consultants on project-related topics and questions.

If we’re convinced by your overall profile, you’ll be invited to our recruiting day. In three personality and case interviews you can demonstrate to us that you have the analytical and entrepreneurial capabilities as well as the “personal fit” to be a consultant at TKMC. Self-reflection, strong problem-solving skills, and the passion to work for an in-house consulting company are just some of the attributes we’ll be looking for.

During the breaks you’ll have the chance to chat to TKMC employees in a relaxed atmosphere away from the interviews. You can gain a clearer picture of us and our work in a big corporation and find out more about thyssenkrupp’s in-house consulting.

A few days after taking part in our recruiting day you will receive detailed feedback from us.

If you convinced us with your performance in the first interviews, you’ll be invited to take part in a second round of interviews with members of our management team. If we then think you’re a good fit, we’ll send you an offer and your career at thyssenkrupp can begin.

Our hints for your interviews at TKMC:

  • Motivation and personality: In the interviews we’re looking for authentic, motivated and en-gaged applicants. Of course the chemistry also has to be right on both sides because we place great value on team spirit, interpersonal respect, and an ability to win the trust of clients.

  • Case performance: In the case interviews we’re looking mainly for a structured mindset and problem-solving skills. You need to show us your excellent analytical capabilities, a feel for figures, and an ability to stay calm, confident and pragmatic in stressful situations.

  • Communication and manner: We’re looking for highly engaged interviewees. Show us that you can communicate with potential clients at all management levels in a suitable and professional manner.